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Garmin Garage: Boo! Bundle

21 October 2008 @ 8:32 AM  / Automotive Blog / Garmin Garage /

Frankenscooter_3 Beware the things that go bump in the night! They've found their way to a nüvi near your just in time for Halloween. Introducing the Boo! Bundle - our newest addition to the Garmin Garage. It's been a strange last few weeks around the place . . . we'd work all day creating vehicles for you and then head home for the evening. Each morning, we'd return and find that the shop had been disturbed. A misplaced wrench here. A light left on there. And strange noises throughout. It had us pretty concerned and poor Scooter - he's had nightmares all week. Well, it finally made sense today when the Boo! Bundle showed up. And it looks like the trick was on us and the treat is for you! Now there are now 6 new additions to the Garmin Garage and we're happy to introduce: Dead End, FrankenScooter, Knuckles, Sugar Rush, Vroom Broom and Scary Scooter. Grab 'em all today and dress your nüvi, zumo, or StreetPilot up for all Hallow's Eve. And don't be scared - all of these icons are just dying to meet you! Happy Halloween from all of us at the Garmin Garage!

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