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Roger's Runway: SD card inquiries

6 February 2008 @ 12:04 PM  / Aviation Blog /

RogersrunwayA lot of G1000 pilots have asked about the Secure Digital (SD) cards that are with the G1000 and how to update them.  There are several cards that are used to keep the G1000 current and useful.  First the Jeppesen aviation database is loaded on to the SD card and inserted into the top slots of the PFD and MFD and can be updated through Jeppesen’s website.  To handle the Jeppesen updates we recommend using a SanDisk card no larger than 1GB but you will only need about 32MB.  For the SD cards that are located in the bottom slots of the PFD and MFD these cards need to remain in the airplane.  These two cards handle the Obstacle, Terrain, SafeTaxi, FliteCharts, and ChartView databases.  The updates for these lower cards are handled through the Garmin website with the exception of ChartView which is done through Jeppesen.  The data on these cards cannot be copied to a blank card so you cannot create your own back up, but you can order a second set of cards from the manufacturer.

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