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Project Geo-trashing

24 January 2008 @ 1:43 PM  / Outdoor Blog /

Colorado_400t_cfHere's a "green" idea that I couldn't help but share - Judging from the many comments and e-mails we have had come in, I know many of you have big plans for that glorious day when you can finally get your hands on the recently announced Colorado 400t. Well here's an idea to add to your list that's worthy of some attention. After what he called a disheartening kayak run down the Mississippi River, Mike, with, has come up with an idea for a global (positioning) approach on the rising problem of pollution. Familiar with the popular geocaching game (in which participants find hidden treasures on a high-tech scavenger hunt with a GPS in hand), Mike's approach involves finding the not-so-glamorous hidden (or not-so-hidden) trashes instead. Through his journeys, he has started an inventory of the significant pollution problems along stretches of the river, by geo-tagging the large object or debris. But while this is just the beginning in Mike's area of the woods, we think this idea could spread to other places, too.

So, while your out hiking in the woods, floating down the river, or camping with your friends, mark the large trash items you see, as a waypoint with your Colorado, or other Garmin hand-held device and send Mike an email or start your own inventory of the local area of your choice. Plus, with your Colorado, you can even navigate the digital shots you see on your computer, with the built-in picture viewer. So get on out there and make a difference today... then tell us about it, we'd love to hear your story!

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