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BREWing with Garmin Mobile

20 June 2007 @ 4:30 PM  /

Garmin_mobile_mm8300 Garmin is brewing up some new tricks for Garmin Mobile at the Qualcomm BREW conference this week. Garmin Mobile – an off-board application that gives turn-by-turn navigation on mobile phones – is now available for development on cell phones that operate BREW.  Some loyal blog readers know exactly what BREW is, and others are probably confused and asking, what’s BREW? The overly simplified answer is that BREW is a type of application environment used on certain cell phones. Some phones run Java (like Sprint) and other phones use BREW (like Verizon).  Now that Garmin Mobile is available as a BREW application, even more phone carriers will have the opportunity to offer Garmin’s turn-by-turn directions on their handsets.

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