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Scenes from Sea Otter, part 2

16 April 2007 @ 9:00 AM  / Company News / Outdoor Blog / Peg's Posts / Sports / Fitness Blog /

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The final day of the Sea Otter Classic Bike Show in Monterey, CA, drew thousands of competitors and spectators for touring rides and the primo event — the mountain bike cross country race. I got to see the start and finish of this 39-mile killer ride, made even tougher with a stiff wind. Racing in the pro field for Team MotionBased were David Yakaitis and Kevin, a new addition to the team.

David_and_banner_2Bigger than life: We clicked a pic of David and Amy, his bride-to-be, next to this photo banner in the Garmin booth. The photo of David was taken for a series of Garmin ads back in December. Check out David's MB activity for detailed metrics of this ride, which he completed in just under 2:45.

Olivier_and_shadeyIn the elite men’s category, Olivier Bock and Shane (Shadey) Deal both raced for Team MotionBased. Check back here for some upcoming video interviews from the team, where they tell about how they use the Garmin Edge and MotionBased to enhance their training.

Bikes_and_bikesAfter attending Sea Otter two years in a row, it’s amazing how many more riders are using the Edge to enhance their training. As the cyclists and spectators streamed into the Garmin booth, I talked to teens moving up in the ranks and well-seasoned riders who either owned an Edge, had just ordered one or wanted more information so they could put it at the top of their wish list. Strolls along the different race venues revealed bike after bike equipped with the Garmin Edge. Got some great stories from several of the users, so check back for stories and photos of those who scored a Garmin jersey just for coming by and sharing their story.


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