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Foot pod has landed

11 January 2007 @ 11:45 AM  / Company News / Outdoor Blog / Sports / Fitness Blog /

TreadmillwWe promised there’d be news on the fitness front at CES, so here’s the scoop on two new accessories. Our previously announced foot pod is now available for purchase — just in time to rescue your running routine when winter’s chill makes you turn to a treadmill or indoor track. The foot pod allows you to use your Forereunner 305 indoors (when GPS satellites aren’t available) and track your distance, pace and calories burned. And, of course, you'll still get the heart rate data from your HR monitor. The foot pod, which attaches to the top of your running shoe (threads through laces for secure fit), transmits distance and pace data to your Forerunner. And it’s all stored in Forerunner’s workout histories, just as when you're running outdoors.

Forunnerbike The other accessory, a quick-release mount for the Forerunner 205 and 305, is designed for multisport athletes who want to swap their Forerunner from wrist to bike. The kit comes with a wrist strap and a bike mount. Athletes simply snap the Forerunner head unit in and out of the wrist or bike mount when transitioning between sports. 

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