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Fitness photo frenzy, part 1

11 December 2006 @ 4:25 PM  / Outdoor Blog / Peg's Posts / Sports / Fitness Blog /

Featurepegsposts_11Never mind that my good blog buddy Chet got to meet Bart Yasso at Garmin’s Chicago store a few weeks back … this past weekend, I met some fine cyclists and runners on the west coast who’ll be appearing in a new ad series for Garmin for spring pubs. Read on for some behind-the-scenes photos and profiles on the athletes.

Saturday morning dawned drizzly, cool and overcast—perfect for a little sloshing action for some hard core mountain bikers. The preferred spot was the Belinas Ridge area on Mt. Tam in Marin County, California.

Get_muddyIn the first photo, the lead rider is Shady, also known as Shane Deal. Shady’s a New Zealand native with a charming accent and equally charming personality. About 11 years ago, Shady left New Z with some buddies and headed for Tahoe, intent on some prime snowboarding and other sports. He says he soon met and fell in love with his wife, and thus his trip became “a vacation that never ended.” He now resides in Fairfax, home of mountain biking, and when he’s not tearing up or down the mountains, he does remodeling for residential and commercial clients.

Shady’s recent feats:
2nd at Downieville, expert men
1st at Skyline, expert men
9th at Sea Otter, cross country
He’s currently a key member of Team MotionBased and will be competing in the NORBA circuit this year, as well as other key races.


The cyclist on the far left in this photo is Olivier Bock, manager for Team MotionBased. Olivier’s skills on the bike and off were evident in every aspect of our shoot. Olivier was born in France and grew up in Atlanta before moving to Cali. He and his wife recently moved to Hood River, Oregon, where they enjoy some equally challenging mountain biking, though they still miss some things about Sausalito. Olivier is an industrial designer for the outdoor/cycling industry.

Olivier’s recent feats:
3rd at NORBA in Fontana
1st at Fairfax Fat Tire Festival
6th in nation in NORBA series
Currently ranked in the top 15 in the country in semi-pro cross country racing

Terry_directingMore on the third cyclist (yellow jersey) in a later post. Our photographer on this shoot is Scott Hepler, who’s done some amazing outdoor photography as well as an extensive variety of Garmin product shots—on planes, boats, cars, bikes, you name it. The guy directing things and making sure we represent the athletes and our products in the best possible light is our art director, Terry Shipman.

Stay with me for more stories and photos in the days to come.

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