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Auto Pause

16 June 2006 @ 3:00 PM  / Outdoor Blog / Peg's Posts /

PegiconWhat is it about runners and cyclists that makes us so keen on tracking every mile — every hundredth of a mile to be exact — while factoring out the time we paused for a water break or a stoplight? Pardon the analogy from a former farm girl, but it’s kind of like separating the chaff from the kernels of wheat. You want the good stuff, the real training time, to show up in your history data. But you don’t want to have to think about it, as in punch a timer button, during your ride or run. Here’s where Forerunner and Edge save the day with the Auto Pause feature. Basically, you set up your unit to automatically pause the training timer when you drop below a speed you specify. When you speed up, the timer will automatically restart. Under the Forerunner main menu, select training\training options\auto pause\auto timer pause. From the pull-down menu, select either “when stopped” or “custom pace,” which lets you select a specific pace. From the Edge main menu, select training\auto pause/lap\auto timer pause. Again, from the pull-down menu, select the stopped or custom speed option. Setting it to “when stopped” is particularly helpful for mountain bikers who may encounter lots of speed variances on tough climbs, but don’t want Auto Pause to kick in every time. Another tip: if your riding partner for the day happens to be a 4-year-old who makes frequent stops to pet puppies or pick up rocks … just turn off the Auto Pause. The training can wait for the next ride. 

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