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Chet's Corner: Triathletes, Rejoice!

20 April 2006 @ 3:00 PM  / Outdoor Blog /

Spring has sprung, and many of you are getting serious about hiking, biking, swimming, and more.  Our latest Forerunner units allow you to custom-train for each of those sports.  Here's our man Chet with the lowdown:

Chet_3Are you training for a triathlon or do you just like to do a couple of different things when you work out? The Forerunner series units have a feature called Auto Multi Sport that will allow you to tell the Forerunner which sport you will be doing for each part of your workout. This feature is available on both the newer series of units, the Forerunner 205 and 305 as well as the Forerunner 301.

This feature is found on the Forerunner 301 by pressing the Mode button to access the Menu. Highlight the Training Assistant and press Enter. Highlight Auto Multi Sport and press Enter.

On the Forerunner 205/305 units, it can be found by pressing Mode to access the Menu, select Training and then select Auto Multi Sport.

The Auto Multi Sport function allows you to edit the sports that will be done in the workout and it will also allow you to enter Transition time if needed. When you are finished with one sport, simply hit the Lap button and the device will change sports automatically. This is very helpful if you upload your information to either Garmin Training Center or If the correct sport is not set on the Forerunner and the data is collected with the wrong sport selected, it cannot be changed in the device.

Have any tips and tricks that you have found using your Garmin unit that you think would be helpful to other users? Send us an email at with your suggestion.

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