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Chet's Corner - Tips and Tricks

9 March 2006 @ 12:00 PM  /

Want to jazz up your GPS?  Then welcome to Chet's Corner, a new feature on the Garmin Blog.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, we'll post a little-known -- yet very cool -- feature of one of our products.  Without further ado, here's our pal and yours, Chet:

Chet HI!  I'm Chet and this is the new ‘Tips and Tricks’ section on the Garmin blog. These tips and tricks are provided by the Product Support Team here at Garmin. Hopefully, we can give you some information you can use to get the most out of your Garmin products. Today’s inaugural tip is for our nüvi family of units: 

Want to save a location that you have searched for? When searching for an address or point of interest, the final screen of the search shows you the address of what you searched for. At the bottom of this screen there is a button that is labeled ‘Save’. Press this button and you can save this point in your favorites in the ‘My Locations’ folder. To route to a saved point, select ‘Where To?’, then tap on ‘My Locations’ and then tap on ‘Favorites’. (hint: If you save a location and name it ‘Home’ you can then route there by selecting ‘Where To?’, tap on ‘My Locations’ and then tap on ‘Go Home’.)

Have any tips and tricks that you have found using your Garmin unit that you think would be helpful to other users? Send us an email at with your suggestion.

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